What is
in a tile?

Do you remember how you used to find different creatures everywhere when you were a child? There were animals in the clouds, shadow monsters on your curtain, little people made of soup spots...
We still see them now, mostly in tiles.

We started to collect tiles in an instagram collection called @justatile
After printing photos of the tiles we started searching them for creatures, just like when we were kids. 

It was really fun - we could find dozens of creatures in a single tile. 
Every little creature had its own character. 
This search for tile creatures made us feel creative and free of fear that something won't be good enough. 

These creatures would never be born if it wasn’t for the simple technique of "just seeing them" in every inch of tile.

This is a side project by
Tom Reznikov and Yasna Goldshmidt.

If you want to send us photos of tiles, 
please email us at justatile@gmail.com